2015-2016 Boys College Commitments

Zach Rothstein Br. Rice - Fontbonne University

Michael Burcl -Marist- St. Xavier University

Frank Basile -Br. Rice - Vanderbilt University

Jaret Ahern-Bremen - St. Xavier University

Jack Burke -Br. Rice_ University of Illinois Champaign

Garrett Dederichs Br. Rice - Indiana University

Steve Lona - Br. Rice - St Louis University

Mike Lustig - Stagg - University of Illinois Champaign

Mike Redmond -Mt. Carmel - Arizona State University

Patrick Roach - Stagg - University of Alabama

Brodie Stevens - Br. Rice- Moraine Valley CC

2011-2012 Boys College Commitments

Dan Dwyer Br. Rice- St. Ambrose University 

Matt Meed -MaristSt. Xavier University

 2010-2011 Boys College Commitments

Joe Anderson - Lincoln Way North Missouri Valley

John Kanapick - Lincoln Way East - Missouri Valley

Paul Bilanzic - Andrew - Park University - 

(2012 National Championship-2013 National Runner-up - 2014 National Champions - 2015 - 2nd Place)

2009-2010 Girls

 Thank You Vicki, Chris, Alexis, Allison, Amanda, Erin, Jackie, Lexie, Leyan, Madison, Megan, Mariana

We wouldn't be here without you!!! 

USA Volleyball High Performance

Michael Redmond USA Volleyball High Performance Youth A3 2015

Zach Rothstein USA Volleyball Youth A3 2014

Andrew Paull - USA Volleyball Select A3 2013

Ryan Paull - USA Volleyball Youth National Team 2012

                    USA Volleyball Youth Continental Team 2012

                    USA Volleyball Select-A1 2011

                    USA Volleyball Holiday Camp Invitee 2011

Spencer Scott - USA Volleyball High Performance Select A3 Invitee 2012

Thomas McDemont  - USA Volleyball High Performance Youth A3 Invitee 2012

Alexis Farrahi - USA Volleyball High Performance A2 2010

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